Chartered Accountants



Applications Process

is the way we manage enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and other vendors as well as customized solutions that support your business processes. We manage the applications engineering as well as software development, testing, and documentation. Also we manage day-to-day applications operations, including software upgrades/updates, electronic software distribution, software license tracking, and applications support. Benefits are the following:

  • Improved the level/quality of service to end users
  • Provided flexible, scalable solutions to support organizational development and international growth
  • Reduced ownership/operating costs by 50% over two years

is the way we manage finance/accounting department functions such as: planning/budgeting; general ledger; accounts payable/receivable; payroll administration; treasury functions/cash management; financial reporting; tax compliance and internal audit. We also manage suppliers and contractors and accounts payable function that processes invoices a year.

We reengineer, consolidate, and manage the company's financial and accounting processes

  • Provide cross-border, multi-process, end-to-end solutions.
  • Streamline the financial management process.
  • Reduced administrative costs by over 50% in the first year with further savings to come from continuous improvements.
Human Resources

is the way we manage HR services and programs such as: actuarial/insurance, compensation/benefits, payroll administration, pension plans, information systems, claims processing, and administration.

Our outsourcing specialists provide a wide range of human resources and employee benefits outsourcing services. They manage customer service, employee programs, transaction processing, and administration, using state-of-the-art HR information systems, data warehousing, self-service technology, voice response systems, and Internet applications.

  • Delivers responsive employee services more cost-effectively;
  • Common technology platform maximizes transaction processing efficiencies
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