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Why India ?

India offers many advantages to serving as an IT Enabled Services destination for major global companies These include:

  1. A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA and other major markets for IT Enabled Services.
  2. A huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower who can continue to cater to the growing demand for professionals for IT Enabled Services. These professionals are skilled as well as quality conscious.
  3. Cost of qualified personnel is amongst the lowest in the world.
  4. Stable legislative and economic framework.
  5. Support of Government of India announced a special incentives and infrastructure for setting up IT Enabled Services.
  6. Thurst by Government of to make India an IT-driven nation with a focus on services sector where potential for value addition and thus premium higher.
  7. India enjoys very strong brand equity in major markets, thanks to its growing and globally competitive software industry
  8. The proliferation of IT Enabled Services and its continuing demand-led growth may well emerge to be a strong opportunity for India, both in terms of generating employment and export.
  9. As evident, IT enabled Services is a major boon for India as it provides tremendous potential to provide employment opportunities and attract foreign investments.

Amongst others, the benefits include:

  • Generation of new direct or indirect investment
  • Earning of Foreign Exchange leading to higher earnings of local staff
  • More revenues to telecom carriers
  • Introduction of new technology
  • Transfer of skills to India
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Improved parity of income levels in and far flung areas such as North East or Jammu & Kashmir
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