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Why Bansal & Co ?

Why our core business process expertise, approach to empowering people & world class service delivery can help support your business objectives

What really distinguishes Bansal&Co in the business process outsourcing marketplace are three important factors: our core business process expertise, our approach to empowering people and our ability to partner with client and our world-class service delivery all of which are critical to helping clients manage more effectively and build shareholder value.

Location : India

The Expertise

Our Execution Strategy

People Power

The business processes we manage are core competencies of our firm - finance/accounting, applications process and human resources. These are areas where we excel and can bring client’s in-depth expertise, greater business value, and competitive advantage. We design, build, and manage these business processes on a holistic, end-to-end basis to improve performance and efficiency.

Clients like working with us because we team up with them to support their strategic business objectives and goals. We listen to our clients, gain a deep understanding of their strategic business needs, and develop customized solutions that meet their individual requirements. Top industry specialists bring their in-depth industry knowledge and broad perspectives to develop industry-specific solutions. We are looking to transform what was a back-office cost center into a more client-oriented and productive work Centres. And we leverage all this to provide global solutions.

Our People Power Creating a Winning Culture with Clients - We strongly believe that people and teamwork make all the difference in building shareholder value. Caring for people is very important, and we provide the company employees we hire with new and exciting career opportunities. Working side by side, we develop innovative business solutions that work within their cultures, and bring about meaningful changes that benefit customers, employees, and shareholders.

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